Menstrual Leave

As once Mahatma Gandhi said, Be The Change You Want To See In The World.

All we wanted was to make PRAG a to-go destination for working women. We wanted to change the way how the business industry ignores the basic physiological differences between men and women. So by abiding Mahatma’s quote, we became the CHANGE.

In 2017 PRAG became the first few key pioneers in India who enabled women employee to take the days off during their menstrual week. We made the Menstrual Leave mandatory and paid. As a result, we received great appreciation and optimum work output from our women employees, adding it further to the core value of gender equity in our workspace.

As within we embraced this change against the odds, we started our struggle to change the world around.

Being in favour of Menstruation Benefits Bill, we reached out to the prominent political personalities to raise our cause and drive a nation-wide campaign for making Menstrual Leave mandatory for working in the public and private sectors.

This will also enable a dialogue on menstruation and break the accumulated myths and unhygienic menstrual management practices.

Menstrual leave is a progressive measure that will contribute to gender equity and improve India’s position in Gender Development Index.

And hence our struggle is on…

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Make Menstrual Leave Paid and Mandatory

Menstrual Leave
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