Press Conference

Release Your Trailer To The Appropriate Media

For many PR firms, a press conference is just a two-way interaction between the media and an organization. For them, their task ends with arrangement of journalists. Not for us. For us, a press conference is an opportunity to present YOU to the public, get YOUR point across and build YOUR reputation. And this is visible in our association and work as well.

If we have taken your PC under our belt, we will be there to help you out in its pitching, execution and coverage. Novice or Pro, it is all the same. PRAG India is there to serve you. All media is not created equal and none of them are same. Our passion is to determine which press vehicles best tell your story.

Right Message> Right Audience > Right Media > Right Time

What We Offer

Arrange and manage press confrence

Arranging and managing entire press conference – from sending invitations to zeroing on venues and personnel

Prepare press release

Preparing press releases and talking points

Maximum Media Visibility

Getting your issues maximum media visibility and coverage

Exposure to big media house

Exposure to established and big media houses in print ,electronic and online medium

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