Political Campaign

Influence Public Opinion with a Great Political Campaign. 

Winning elections is fifty percent work, fifty percent planning, and hundred percent campaigning. Regardless of what you do, the key to coming trumps up on Election Day lies on how well you were able to put your voice across. Political campaigning is an art mastered by few and we are one of the few.

With vast experience in handling political campaigns for parties with 2 MPs to parties with 70, PRAG is your go-to destination for a winnable political campaign.

Don’t worry! We will lead you to victory in political sacred games.

What We Offer

• Campaign design and implementation
• Karyakarta training and mobilization
• Ground team formation and deployment
• Booth level management
• Establishing call centers
• BLA training
• Organizing and analyzing rallies and events in real time
• Data analytics
• Media advisory panel with experts from the domain and senior journalists
• Carrying out survey results based on caste, development and local influence.
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