Policy Research

Deep Research is a Prerequisite for Effective Policy Formulation.

In the world of connected ecosystems, the policy that a company and a government desires and the one which it gets can either make it or break it. In the world of long term sustenance, profit and popularity is an appetizer while policy change/Amendment is the real meal. And we believe in serving you just the right broth.

With the experience of assisting in policy formulation for Nepal government, Menstruation Benefits Bill for MP Ninong Erring, charting policy paths for Bihar Skill development Mission (BSDM) and running continuous research on counterfeiting and smuggling for FICCI Cascade at our backs, we are as better placed as anyone to help you make the giant leap to the future of meaningful public policy.

Effective policy change efforts are grounded in data and research.

What We Offer

Stage Set Ups

Conceptualize seminars, discussions, round tables to deliberate policy formulations

White papers presentation

Present white papers, findings, and conclusions in a standard executable format

Influence government policies

Influence government policies to bring in more congruence and synergy

Dig out facts

Dig out facts, figures and carry out deep research.

Menstrual Leave
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