Damage Control

Damage Control

How well are companies positioned when it comes to crisis management? Does your company have a plan in case a crisis erupts? If your answer is YES then don’t worry Team PRAG is here.

No one invites negative media attention or a crisis that affects key stakeholders in your organization, but when it happens, you need to act swiftly and with a strategic focus.

Priority needs to be given to honesty, compassion and responsibility, as well as protecting your organization and reputation.

Our experienced, trustworthy Damage control team can help make a negative situation less stressful. We can also teach your team to become media savvy for those unexpected moments in the spotlight.

In crisis! Here’s a team equipped with 3C’s of Credibility
Competent. Confident. Compassionate.

What We Offer

Immediate Interaction

Immediate Interaction with the management to decide the future course of action

Quick interaction with the concerned media

Quick interaction with the concerned media representative and respective Media Heads.

Pro – Active approach

Pro – Active approach to manage the situation and call for a media meet/conference/questionnaire

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