The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Video Marketing

The Ultimate Cheat Sheet on Video Marketing

02-12-2022 / AMAN JAWA

Introduction to Video Marketing

We are all aware of the way marketing works but the dominant player in this field that has taken over the social media world is Video Marketing. It is a no brainer that we tend to grasp what we see faster than what we hear. The world of today is no more concentrated towards reading stuff which is indeed boring, instead want to imbibe the zest of it by watching video content. If at all we need proof of this, every survey, every recent statistic has time and again proved that video content is more encouraging, engaging, attractive and easy to grasp for the audience.

People spend hours watching content through video marketing as it is the magnet of the internet. The reach and the impact that video marketing leaves is way above any other resource. It is the safest option to make people know what you want to convey. Also, what makes video marketing favorable is how easy it is. But at the same time, you need to know what you are getting into and why, because if that intent is missing then it can be a pain. Also, you would be surprised to know that all more than half of the audience wants to know about their products via video marketing.

This video marketing method is the bread earner of budding YouTubers, entrepreneurs, influencers, content creators, and bloggers. People have pursued creating content with the aid of video marketing as a full-time career opportunity.

Social media platforms have been in and around since forever now, and have paved the way for companies to promote their products via video marketing in the zillions of videos that are surfaced on it. I am evident in the fact that video marketing is going to give a hard time to other marketing channels. It is going to be the face of marketing.

This has become crucial because it lives upon the internet and the internet is where the audience is. Every target audience is dependent upon it. One video you put can gather millions to it. Video Marketing has the most effective and promising returns to the input that the advertiser puts in. 

Video Marketing has also been the talk of the town due to its budget-friendly nature. It is not constrained to one level of society; hence it provides livelihood to millions out there who are accessible to limited resources.

Importance of Video Marketing

  • It boosts the sales of the companies as the views on the video escalate. 
  • Video Marketing reached beyond the domestic boundaries, hence attracts international business.
  • Video Marketing can engage the audience for a longer period of time.
  • It is light on the pocket.
  • It improves consumer and organization’s relationships via mediums like live videos.
  • It helps in educating every sector of society due to the easily accessible internet.

Various types of Videos that we can Make

Videos can be of different kinds depending upon the purpose for which it is made. Every video creator has different intentions of conveying the information in the video. Hence it amounts to various kinds like:

  • Demo Videos: They are made to showcase the functionality of the promoted product or service to the customers.
  • Live Videos: They are the means which connect the audience with the advertiser to a personal level to improve the relationship between the two. Viewers spend more time on these videos.
  • Brand Videos: These videos are usually done for a campaign to promote new launches, sales, etc to intrigue the targeted audience.
  • Event Videos: These videos are made for the coverage of conferences, meetings etc for information.
  • Explainer Videos: These are the videos that are focused upon promoting a certain product or service by explaining its utility to the target customers.
  • Animated Videos: These videos use animations and effects to vow the audience and make them understand complex stuff by means of attractive visual aids in a simpler manner.
  • Educational Videos: These videos are narrowed down to students and learners for them to comprehend the knowledge of various subject matters. These videos are sometimes sponsored by educational institutes.
  • Expert Videos: These videos are conveyed by experts of different fields that share their experiences and opportunities of the various fields that they have expertise in.
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