Menstrual Leave: A Pad-adigm Shift.

Menstrual Leave: A Pad-adigm Shift.

26th August 2020 / Yati

Oh yes, you just read the 'M' word- not in a “Whisper” but bolded for everyone to read and accept. For those who don’t see fit to know such obscure- womanly things, it is a brand of sanitary towels. A product that gets infused in as much shame as the whole taboo around this biological process. Maybe now with developing and enterprising times we can accept the brand to change its name to be 'Shout' or 'Roar'.

Let's not debate upon the pros and cons of menstrual leave as of now, rather let's just discuss how menstrual leaves are working for those who already have it. We women at PRAG get paid menstrual leave. The leave is optional and is given in goodwill considering how every woman has different biological difficulties during these times. Imagine a woman coming to office on the most painful day of her Menstrual Cycle; Hard, isn't it? Lands you straight to the visuals lab your once very productive and chirpy female colleague being all grumpy and ready to scratch your face with her perfectly manicured fingers because of her mood swings.

Of course, a holiday would save you from that. A holiday surely can't take away the pain but it does give her the break on the day she feels the most twitchy and troubled. And once nowadays we have Male colleagues also who are not shying away from talking about the 'M' word it helps reduce the power of the prohibited spell that is spun around it. It would be above board to keep it over and above sick leaves as the mindset of menstruation being a sickness changes. If organizations are stepping up and adopting it, they are stepping up to a more holistic working condition.

If a policy helps employees perform to their optimal level there is no harm in teaming up for it.

There are no rules without exceptions, there are no policies without exceptional people, questioning it and making the 'Rahat Leave' complicated by their Holier-Than-Thou attitude. "Is it that painful?" "Can't you bear it for a day?" "I bet it's not that bad" "What is so hard about it?" Are some common buzzing from people with uncommon or no brains. Just scream and 'Ek Dhakka doh' to topple the remnants from the pig-headed Male chauvinists.

Will this frontal attack take menstruation out of this imposed segregation that women are quarantined in every month? Will the stain be washed off the Menstrual Cycle? Will one more bulwark of patriarchy fall in the face of Earth Because of some yet again simple logic.

Be it what it may. We are on the verge of creating menses in herstory. We deserve a standing ova-tion.

Menstrual Leave
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