Coming out of the closet - Menstrual Leave is now ‘Guilt Free’

Coming out of the closet - Menstrual Leave is now ‘Guilt Free’

15th January 2022 / Namrata Shah

No more hiding the truths of life using dark paper bags. It is time, you come out of the closet and embrace it instead of still talking about it in ‘Whisper’ and ‘Stay Free’ of any guilt. While most of us have already understood the subject of our talk and pretend to not know about it, here is a recall - former Member of Parliament Mr. Ninong Ering introduced the Menstruation Benefits Bill in the year 2017 which entitles a woman, two days of menstrual rest leave each month, irrespective of working for private or public sector.

Zomato may have hit the headlines for many right and wrong reasons, but it has surely struck a chord with its female and transgender employees when it announced a menstrual leave policy for its employees. And while we go gaga over Zomato, it is time we applaud and thank our own organization PRAG which has in place, menstrual leave policy since it was a 3-month-old nascent start-up.

What does your organization offering you menstrual leave got to do with us? Cross your heart and say this thought did not pop up in your head. Yes, we agree this has got nothing to do with you, if and only if, you do not constitute the society; the society which still considers menstruation as ‘those days’ and refuses to acknowledge the discomfort, pain, physical and emotional distress a female goes through because of her biological makeup.

Every organization or every business in one or another way reflects the way the societal norms exist and function. And it takes great courage for an organization to stand up for a cause and stick to it with all its heart, no matter what comes its way.

A very common argument is often started - does menstrual leave actually help? Does it take away the pain, the cramps, the mood swings, the fatigue and other discomforts? Well, try working with a running nose, heavy fever, or upset stomach without offering a grumpy face and you’ve answered it yourself!

Right2Rest is what PRAG has always stood for, a positive approach towards its female employees. By offering paid menstrual leave, PRAG has tried to break the taboo around the Not-to-be-announced-in-public and offered a conducive and approachable working environment. The optional leave has allowed us, female employees, to actually be in our skin, to not put up a brave face, and to say that I am unwell, and my work productivity might be affected. It has made the office culture more acceptable, more humane, and more livable than a pretentious corporate culture.

If one asked how an organization practices gender equality does, we would definitely hail PRAG for giving its female employees the ‘Right 2 Rest’.

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