Come, let’s take a selfie!

Come, let’s take a selfie!

11th September 2020 / Yati

Ever been to a movie shoot? There is a lot of back preparation, the whole crew going crazy fetching props, fetching makeup, fetching the correct light. There's a person showing the moon in daylight, thermal being used as ice, and as many fake faces trying to be squeezed in one single frame to show smirk, love, or craziness in the camera.

All this frill is done for a movie but aren't we also making a fake short movie or a documentary where our enjoyment, closeness is just visible in that participant's selfie shot. Acting all crazy and cool when maybe your heart is sobbing and during for. A crazy huge. Why just give out a precisely parted lip smile when you want to laugh out loud with your goofy teeth out . Maybe an illusion for a selfie second makes your life a Miraj, as when you go in flashback by that movie selfie, you miss read. Why not express envy in our selfie, if it is how our hearts feel? Why do we need to arty closeness when the reality is just the contrary? Why do we show love to our pets to whom we don't even let pass our beds when the camera's away? What are we racing to prove? Will our minds ever absorb some calmness and the message to keeping it real or have we already got engulfed by the tentacles of indifference.

Well, that is for the individual soul to for living being to decide.

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