A Power Capsule for PR Professionals to Endure Lockdown

A Power Capsule for PR Professionals to Endure Lockdown

15th, April 2020 / Nishant

Are you running out of ideas to pitch a perfect story to the media in the wake of Coronavirus?

Well! My friend, you are in the right place.

Million Dollar Tip 1: The people are going through a lot of suffering, and ignoring this would be insensitive and destructive in the long. So avoid releasing campaigns that are oblivious to that. Instead with respect and empathy, aspire to watch, listen, and respond to those affected.

As public relations practitioners, it is important that we adapt our approach to changes in the outside world.

The Coronavirus pandemic has reserved headlines worldwide, in a completely unprecedented manner. Until now, it might be the biggest topic of our lives, and the media is to cover the news around the clock.

It would be a terrible PR move to ignore what`s going on in the world.

So, is there any way out to solve this communication crisis?

Yes, there is. Just have little patience and follow the blog!

Be an Original Thinker and Provide Unique Solution to The Crisis.

Every piece of information from a reputable source specifically linked to the COVID-19 pandemic is breaking news, as well as a top priority for news professionals which they should not hesitate to cover up.

It is highly newsworthy for businesses and individuals who discover special or innovative approaches to the challenges ahead.

Respond to the following questions to describe the organization's underlying story:

What is my company or brand doing to help people in this crisis?

What does my firm work to keep its workers and clients safe?

What are my company's commitments in the fight against COVID-19?

Please be informed that the company's connection to COVID-19 is legal and important to the public discussion. Attempts to grab headlines using the Coronavirus to get publicity would be apparent and could cause backlash from the general public.

Million Dollar Tip 2: At the moment, not every organization will have to sell something. Don't make a mistake by asking the PR team to pitch because you could end up with a tone-deaf or perhaps even-insensitive pitch.

How is it so far? Do you consider we are speaking on your side? Well! It is our commitment to being relevant. So without further ado, let’s move on to next.

Right Opportunity to Emerge as a Thoughtful Leader.

Around the globe, media and viewers are calling for people to step up and lead right now. People are scared and seeking advice from leaders of their business and the media.

Well, my friend! PR always thrives to help!

A successful PR person is going to be able to help their company move into the position of thought leadership.

Think to answer the following questions:

How can your client provide their audience with experience or leadership right now?

Will your client be a calm figure to an anxious public?

To be useful during this period, the brand or business need not be directly linked to the healthcare pandemic. Perhaps, during job losses, your company can help the poor find food, child care, or work. Be creative on how you approach the media with thought leadership.

Provide useful information to create thought leadership, and avoid overt self-promotion. 79 percent of online publishing editors indicated that over-promotion was the top concern about contributed material, according to one survey.

How is it going? Well! We don’t write usually stuff so please carry on!

Being Humorously Relevant is Just another Master Key

In addition to clear ties to the Coronavirus pandemic, the media will be searching for brighter, feel-good pieces to split their reporting. Public service reports and tales of public interest are also a perfect way to get into a journalist's inbox.

Million Dollar Tip 3: The media needs to either listen to the hitting COVID-19 news or positive reports to break the dark cycle. The media will adapt the story, as usual, to what their readers want to read or learn about it.

Humour or amusement is indeed welcome as a diversion in dark times. For example, does your client give housebound Indian streaming yoga lessons? If so, find the right story editors and pitch them up.

Let’s conclude it together! Only if you are willing to:

The circumstances and reporting of this global phenomenon are changing so fast the media have trouble keeping up. At these times PR professionals can be an advantage by being concise and transparent about the message's meaning. It will pay off adapting quickly to the pace at which events unfold.

Thank you!

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