Deciphering How Rasode Mei Kaun Tha Became Famous

Deciphering How Rasode Mei Kaun Tha Became Famous

3rd September 2020 / Yati

Ever wondered why the most unlikely memes, parodies and videos are the most widely popular on internet? Why is it that a glamorous girl sipping coffee and on the Goa beach is a passé but a woman sitting on the floor slurping tea from a Steel glass became an international sensation. Why a handsome, well toned Man like Nick Jonas gyrating Bollywood beats is good to watch but not a balding plump professor dancing on the same song and equal delight to the eyes. The simplest answer is that perhaps they are more relatable though I doubt if that is the only explanation.

Nowadays it feels being famous on the internet is not dependent on how talented lucky or hardworking you are. Not every pout, wink or flick of the hair or the most alluring boomerang does the sensation make. The weirder and more unlikely the contender the greater probability is for triumph. We are all publishers and creators of our own projected selves on the parallel world.

It is no secret that people love laughter and drama and most certainly, throwing and accepting challenges, some a tad bit dangerous than the other. Isn’t internet an amusing way and probably the easiest way to stay connected?

Also not flinching how we all have a hint of sadists in us who loves laughing at other people's pains and catastrophes.

We youngsters love those fail videos of people tripping, staggering for making a fool of themselves. TV shows like Roadies, Takeshi’s Castle, Big Boss prosper on this phenomenon alone where the audience derived fun at the expense of contestants.

And it does not come as a surprise when apparently the most absurd song specimen like that of Kokilaben asking in an allegedly most melodious way the utmost mundane question: Rasode Mei Kaun Tha?

The weird thing is these people were not even aiming for such huge success and were as likely as not astounded at their popularity. ‘Chai pilo aunty’, ‘hello friends chai pilo’ became an international sensation with just a Chai Ki Pyali’

The ‘Dancing Uncle’ who had been grooving for decades on Govinda's dance numbers also suddenly brought a stir in the online media. Not to forget the homely vibes that Dhinchak Pooja and her bad voice brought to our face.

There is no handbook of in which you can sneak peak in to know the formulas of success on Internet. Strangely, it can be just some lame stuff or the most insane meme. So it’s rightful for people to keep trying bizarre things with high hopes of breaking the internet. While you sit and anticipate the methods to success over online media do not forget to think "Rasode mein kaun that?”

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